Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Austin: 2012

In this modern day of having every little piece of information readily available at any time it is hard to sit down and have a chance to reflect and get ready for the new year. There are so many awesome things happening in Austin this year so far and 2012 is only 4 days old!! If you have not had the chance to yet please go and check out all the Free Week shows. They have some awesome bands and venues involved! Besides that Austin has the very first Euphoria fest coming up. A new one day festival featuring some of the best electronic music and dubstep available. The tickets are very reasonably priced. SXSW is looking to shape up as an awesome event as well with Doug Benson hosting several events. All of this and FunFunFunFest has not even released the line up for this year!! It looks to be awesome to be in Austin and I can't wait!!

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