Thursday, June 21, 2012

FunFunFunFest: Starfucker

Starfucker (also known as Pyramid) is an electronica band based out of Portland, Oregon. The band is made up of Joshua Hodges (vocals, keyboards, guitar, drums), Shawn Glassford (bass, keyboards, drums), Keil Corcoran (drums, keyboards, vocals) and Patrick Morris (guitar keyboard, vocals). Of all the ways your could describe the bands music, Hodges says it best:

 "Dance music that you can actually listen to, that's good pop songs, but also you can dance to it."

They chose the name "Starfucker" just based on the curiosity of how far they could get "with a stupid name like that." Currently signed to Polyvinyl Records they have released two albums. Starfucker in 2008 and Reptilians in 2011. So sit back and drink a "Star Fucker" while you listen to my favorite StarFucker song. 

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