Saturday, October 13, 2012

Presented by Friends + Diamond Rings

Free show. Doors @ 6:30 pm. Presented by

"Friends's music is a magpie mix. One moment it's indie-pop, the next it's mutant funk, then disco. It's like a homemade attempt to mimic a whole record collection – and from that DIY spirit comes something that sounds only of itself, even as the echoes of the past flit through the songs.

If we wanted to, we could make a really polished pop record, easily. But we like the sound of it being a little rougher, a little more organic, because that sounds like what we're doing naturally, Samantha Urbani, [the group's singer], says. None of our songs sound the same. We're not going for one particular musical aesthetic because we like so many things and we're capable of creating so many different things. So I like that you have this realisation of 'It's this! Oh no, it's this!', because it isn't one thing. The album's like a mixtape, you know? That's a cool way to explain it. It's like us saying: 'We like all these different things and they feel like they kind of fit together." - The Guardian

"Diamond Rings defies laws of time and space.Electro-pop maestro John O makes music that exists outside specific eras, distilling encyclopedic knowledge and passion into laser-like beams of emotional immediacy. Physical limits don't bother him much, either. True to his D.I.Y. background, he composes highly personal songs in a tiny bedroom studio in Toronto's West End, yet is increasingly concerned with Diamond Rings reaching the widest possible audience. But don't be confused by these twists and ripples. A degree in astrophysics isn't mandatory to appreciate Free Dimensional, the second Diamond Rings full-length. A good heart and working ears are all the tools required."

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