Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Product Review: Lighter Mate

If you have been going to concerts or festivals the last couple months, chances are you have probably seen, used or heard about Lighter Mate. I recently had the pleasure of meeting a couple people that work for the company and ended up getting my own Lighter Mate. One of the things I noticed right from the beginning was the awesome color schemes they had available and the ability to customize your own online at  http://www.lightermate.com/.

The Lighter Mate is not a huge breakthrough in lighter innovation nor is it particular fancy. But by combining a refillable lighter with a simple magnet, it helps solve the most pressing issues you would normally face with a lighter. The built in magnets and assorted accessories such as the key chain and necklace attachment, make locating your lighter much easier than it would be with a normal disposable lighter. The only "problem" I have with the built in magnet would be that if it is put in the same pocket as your phone it will stick to it and could cause some problems. Being that Lighter Mate is a refillable butane lighter also helps. as long as you have extra butane. 

The Lighter Mate also comes with a small metal plate they call the Mate Plate . The Mate Plate was specifically  designed for all you cigarette smokers to put behind the cellophane so that your lighter holds to your pack. The included key ring is also a really nice feature, though I probably won't use it. I tested it out for a couple days and it has not come off my key chain accidentally at all. The case is a little scratched up, but that is to be expected with any painted metal surface after time. It still functions as if it was brand new though. 

In conclusion. I love the lighter and have gotten plenty of compliments from people who have seen it. This lighter is not for everyone though. The Lighter Mate runs about $20 and if you lose lighters all the time or have friends who seem to wander off with your lighter, then you might want to look somewhere else. Though I guess after a couple refills you have more than gotten your monies worth. Let me know if you have a Lighter Mate and what you think about it in the comments section or contact me via twitter: @ATXFollowers. 

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