Friday, November 9, 2012

5 Manly Cold Weather Cocktails

Brown Derby

So Red the Nose is an odd little book in which famous writers of the day contributed their favorite drinks, all renamed after their latest books. Woollcott's When Rome Burns is essentially the Brown Derby, but with lemon juice instead of the lime and maple syrup instead of maple sugar, and with the key specification that you use Medford rum. It might not be tropical, but it sure is tasty

Esky's Hot Spot

In 1935, a couple guys put together a silly little book by the name of So Red the Nose, or Breath in the Afternoon. They sent a questionnaire around to a bunch of then-famous writers, asking each of 'em to contribute a cocktail and a bit of blarney. This is what Arnold Gingrich, Esquire's founder coughed up. Not the drink you'd expect from an urbane sophisticate like Gingrich.

Hot Buttered Rum

This particular compound is indicated for digitipedum glaciate, or, in the vulgate, "frozen tootsies," an affliction for which it is often administered prophylactically or preventively throughout the colder parts of the year — which, in New England, occupy roughly the months of August to June, give or take a month in either direction. Oh yeah, the purpose of the butter? Haven't a clue.


Sweet, pleasant, even jovial. In fact, judging from actual millionaires we have met, rather atypical. (Just kidding, Donald — really.)


The combination of whiskey, Italian vermouth, and absinthe travels under several names. But it was ace bartender George J. Kappeler who peered deepest into the drink's essence when, back in 1895, he named it the Brain-Duster.

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